SIN IS IN! (by Derek Yaniger)


Step right up and meet the most devilishly charming host in the underworld, Don DeVille, as he invites you to the hottest spot south of the earth’s crust: The Not-so-Lucky Lava Lounge. With our latest tiki mug, “Sin is In!”, you’re not just getting a drink; you’re getting a ticket to an infernal paradise where the Hades Bureau of Tourism reigns supreme.

Don’t be fooled by Don’s slick, steam-pressed tuxedo and impeccably coiffured hair; he’s up to his usual fiendish tricks, trying to lure you into his lair with the promise of eternal fun. Standing at a tempting 18.4 cm (7.25 inches) tall and capable of holding approximately 568 ml (20 oz.) of your most sinfully delicious concoctions, this mug is your vessel to vice and delight.

Crafted in a luminescent, fiery-red glaze that’s hotter than a grease fire, the “Sin is In!” mug is sure to light up your tiki collection and become the talk of any gathering. And with the sounds of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Ding Dong Devils setting the mood, how can you resist?

So, give in to temptation and let Don DeVille be your guide to a night filled with erupting volcanoes, cascading walls of molten lava, and the best damn drinks this side of Hades. Cheers to the heat!

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Artist: Derek Yaniger
Manufacturer: Liquid Lowbrow / Tiki Farm
Original Release Year: 2024
Capacity: Approximately 568 ml / 20 fl oz.
Material: Ceramic Stoneware
Height: Approximately 18 cm

Weight 0.7 kg


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