Surf Gasser Tiki Mug – Tan/Brown (By Tiki Farm)


Produced by leading Tiki Mug makers, Tiki Farm, and designed by the talented artist, Derek Yaniger the surf gasser is a surfer/beach bum that’s on a frenzied dash to the sea to catch some huge waves!

The mug features the “surf gasser” driving his beach buggy with GASSER license plate, and a surfboard in tow.

The mug is available in a tan stain with a brown wash, and a California sunset glaze.

“The Legend of Surf Gasser” by Derek Yaniger

“From the very moment he was hatched, Surf Gasser was a Surf-Crazed Gearhead!

A single-minded Beach Bum Beast, who, in his crazed pursuit of surf, will shut down all gremmies who dare try to drop in on his wave! Hodads beware! Surf Gasser will shut you down!

Surf Gasser prays for surf every night and every day in the hope that Kaha Huna will send monster waves his way!

And when he’s not makin’ with the Quasimodo bit, He’s hiding out in his beach shack gassin’ up his Woody Wagon for the next day’s Surfari! If you happen to run into Surf Gasser on his mad race to the sea, DO NOT get in his way or you will surely fall victim to a surfer’s stomp that’s a guaranteed WIPE OUT!”

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Manufacturer: Tiki Farm
Artist: Derek Yaniger
Original release year: 2021
Capacity: 595 ml approx. / 21 fl oz.
Height: 17cm
Colour: Tan stain with a brown wash.

Weight 0.721 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10.5 × 18 cm

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