Big Toe Tiki Trio Set (by Tiki Farm)


Dive into the deep end of tiki culture with the Big Toe Tiki Trio Set, a collection that stands tall in the world of tiki mugs. Launched originally in 2013, the KuKu, Marq Marq, and Moko Moko designs set the bar high long before the tiki mug scene became crowded with contenders. Now back in their stunning 2nd Edition colours, these mugs are ready to make a splash once again.

Crafted by the legendary Tiki Farm and designed by the iconic Big Toe, known for his unique, chunky-splintered, toothy design style, these mugs are a nod to classic tiki aesthetics with a generous dose of “whacky” thrown in. Each mug in the trio boasts a hefty feel, marking them as some of the most substantial production mugs you’ll ever have the pleasure of holding.

The Big Toe Tiki Trio Set isn’t just a collection; it’s a statement. These mugs are designed to be classic in intention yet unmistakably Big Toe in execution. Whether a long-time collector or new to the tiki scene, this set is a must-have, offering a perfect blend of traditional tiki culture and modern, playful design.

So, raise a mug to the tiki gods and let the Big Toe Tiki Trio Set bring a touch of the “whacky” to your collection. Here’s to many more cheers, chuckles, and chilled cocktails!

PLEASE NOTE: Mugs must be purchased as a set. You can’t mix and match colours or buy one or two; you must buy all three.

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Artist: Tom “BigToe” Laura
Manufacturer: Tiki Farm
Original Release Year: 2024
Material: Ceramic Stoneware

KuKu 2nd Edition

Size: 18.4 cm
Capacity: 621 ml / 21 fl. oz.

Marq Marq 2nd Edition

Size: 18.4 cm
Capacity: 621 ml / 21 fl. oz.

Moko Moko 2nd Edition

Size: 18.4 cm
Capacity: 562 ml / 19 fl. oz.

Weight 2.5 kg


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