Tahuata Marquesan Tiki Mug (by Tiki Farm)


Scott “FLOUNDER” Scheidly, who has been a pivotal figure in Tiki Farm’s design journey since the year 2000. With over 25 designs under his belt, Flounder has steered the design ship at the company, contributing to a plethora of unique and highly sought-after mug designs.

His versatility is evident in his creations, ranging from the futuristic Robo Tikis like “Tron the Beachcomber” and “Radar Vic” to more classic designs, including the Tahuata you see before you.

Tahuata brings a unique twist to the table, majestically perched atop a skull that seems as if it was discovered in a secluded Marquesan jungle. This positioning gives Tahuata a commanding presence, surveying its domain from an intriguing and somewhat mysterious vantage point.

Adorned with a rich, stained ochre glaze that accentuates its exotic jungle essence, Tahuata is not just a mug; it’s a statement piece with a substantial 739ml capacity. It invites you to indulge in your favourite beverages, enveloping you in its enchanting aura.

So, embrace the adventure and let Tahuata take you on a journey of discovery and enjoyment. Cheers!

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Artist: Scott “Flounder” Scheidly
Manufacturer: Tiki Farm
Original release year: 2023
Capacity: 739 ml approx / 25 fl oz.
Material: Ceramic stoneware
Height: 19.8 cm

Weight 0.8 kg

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