Tiki Expedition Tiki Mug (by Tiki Farm)


Introducing “Tiki Expedition,” a mug that’s all about celebrating… YOU! This unique creation is a homage to your very own Tiki journey – be it your personal Tiki Crawl, the Home Tiki Bar you’ve lovingly curated in your patio, guest bedroom, den, or any other nook you’ve transformed into your Tiki haven. It’s a celebration of the Tiki statues, masks, bamboo, thatching, torches, and all the wonderful treasures you’ve gathered along your travels.

Crafted with passion and creativity, “Tiki Expedition” is the latest masterpiece from the talented Anthony Carpenter. This mug is a delightful mishmash of Tiki culture and the various memorabilia that have become part of your collection.

Standing tall at 21.6cm and boasting a generous 621ml capacity, this mug is a blank canvas for your Tiki concoctions. What will you fill it with? A classic Mai Tai, a daring Zombie, or perhaps a creation of your own making? The choice, much like your Tiki journey, is entirely yours. This mug is not just a vessel for your favourite drinks; it’s a celebration of your unique Tiki adventure.

So, raise your “Tiki Expedition” mug high and toast to the memories you’ve made and the many more that await. Cheers to you, the true spirit of Tiki exploration!

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Artist: Anthony Carpenter
Manufacturer: Tiki Farm
Original release year: 2023
Capacity: 621 ml approx / 21 fl oz.
Material: Ceramic stoneware
Height: 21.6cm

Weight 0.8 kg

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