Liber & Co. Almond Orgeat Syrup


Discover the secret to exceptional cocktails with Liber & Co’s Almond Orgeat Syrup. Crafted from roasted whole almonds, infused with orange blossom, and enriched with a hint of bitter almond oil, this syrup is a marzipan-flavoured marvel.

Perfect for a world-class Mai Tai or any cocktail needing a touch of almond sophistication. Transform your drinks from ordinary to extraordinary!

Size: 9.5 oz (280ml) bottle // Yield: 10-17 cocktails
Crafted in Austin, TX

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Introducing Liber & Co’s Almond Orgeat Syrup, a meticulously crafted syrup that elevates cocktails with its heavenly almond essence. This isn’t just any orgeat; it’s a journey through the depths of almond flavour and aroma, designed to transform your drinks into divine concoctions.

Their process begins with selecting the finest whole almonds, which are then blanched and roasted to perfection. This careful roasting process unlocks a spectrum of deep, toasted nutty flavours, forming the heart of our orgeat.

They then blend these roasted almonds with pure cane sugar, infusing the syrup with a natural sweetness. To add to its complexity, they introduce a hint of orange blossom, creating a subtle floral undertone. The final touch is a dash of bitter almond oil, imparting a distinctive marzipan note that sets this orgeat apart.

Liber & Co’s Almond Orgeat Syrup is the secret ingredient for crafting a world-class Mai Tai, adding a layer of sophistication and depth to your cocktail experience. Whether you’re a professional mixologist or a cocktail enthusiast, this orgeat is an essential addition to your bar, promising to transform your creations into something truly extraordinary.

So, shake up your cocktail game and indulge in the rich, almond-infused magic of Liber & Co’s Almond Orgeat Syrup. Cheers to exquisite flavours and unforgettable drinks!


Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, with Filtered water, cane sugar, almonds, gum arabic, orange flower water, citric acid, bitter almond oil, and benzoic acid. That’s it!

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Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 14 cm


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