Real Grenadine (Liber & Co.)


Transform your cocktails with the rich, authentic flavour of Liber & Co’s Real Grenadine Syrup. Crafted from pure pomegranate juice, this syrup brings a natural depth and a stunning ruby-red hue to your drinks. Perfect for classic tiki drinks like the Zombie, hurricane, rum punch, or inventive new mixes, it adds sophistication and a touch of elegance to every sip.

Experience the difference true quality makes and make your cocktails stand out. Indulge in the authentic taste of Liber & Co’s Grenadine – your bar deserves it!

Size: 9.5 oz (280ml) bottle // Yield: 10-17 cocktails
Crafted in Austin, TX

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Discover the true essence of Grenadine with Liber & Co’s Real Grenadine Syrup, a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast. Far from the artificial flavours and colours often found in commercial grenadine, this syrup is crafted with the utmost respect for tradition and quality.

Made from real pomegranate juice, Liber & Co’s Grenadine Syrup captures the fruit’s natural depth and complexity. Its rich, ruby-red colour is derived purely from the pomegranates themselves, ensuring that each cocktail you create tastes not only exceptional but also looks stunning.

This syrup is not just about sweetness; it’s about adding a layer of nuanced flavour to your cocktails. Whether you’re whipping up a classic Tequila Sunrise, giving a twist to your favourite mocktail, or experimenting with new creations, this grenadine adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Liber & Co’s commitment to natural ingredients and authentic production methods means that every bottle of their Real Grenadine Syrup is a testament to quality. It’s a versatile ingredient that can transform an ordinary drink into something extraordinary, making it an essential addition to any home bar or professional setup.

So, elevate your cocktail game with Liber & Co’s Real Grenadine Syrup and experience the difference that real ingredients make. Cheers to authenticity in every sip!

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