Dirty Donny’s Cobra’s Fang Tiki Mug (by Tiki Farm)


Step into the wild side of tiki with Dirty Donny’s Cobra’s Fang Tiki Mug, a creation that’s as daring as it is mesmerizing. Dirty Donny, a legend in the tiki design world and an old friend of the Farm, has outdone himself again. Following the epic success of “The Unlucky Tourist” Shrunken Head decanter, this new masterpiece might just be the showstopper to surpass it!

This isn’t just a mug; it’s a piece of lowbrow art, Tiki Farm’s hallmark, brought to life in ceramic form. Standing about 14.9 cm tall and boasting a capacity to hold approximately 680 ml of your most “toxic” concoctions, this mug is a statement piece for any tiki enthusiast.

The design? A hypnotic spectacle! Featuring a highly venomous cobra locked in a deadly embrace with a sunglasses-adorned skull, this mug tells a story of danger and enchantment. The cobra’s bite has awakened the skull into a hypnotic state, creating a vessel for epic drinking and wild storytelling.

Imagine serving your craftiest cocktails in Dirty Donny’s Cobra’s Fang. It’s guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of your friends and family, all while adding a dash of hypnotic fun to your tiki gatherings.

So, why wait? Get your hands on Dirty Donny’s Cobra’s Fang Tiki Mug, and let the wild tiki tales begin!

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Artist: Dirty Donny
Manufacturer: Tiki Farm
Original Release Year: 2023
Capacity: Approximately 680 ml / 24 fl oz.
Material: Ceramic Stoneware
Height: Approximately 14.9 cm

Weight 0.9 kg


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